Joyner's Program

The MicroSociety School is an innovative design where children create a microcosm of the real world inside the school. Each student has a role in running that world. Young entrepreneurs produce goods and services, elected officials establish laws, Peace Officers keep the peace, judges arbitrate disputes, and reporters track down stories. All citizens earn wages in the school's currency, micro bucks, which they invest in product ideas, bank in the Joyner bank, pay rent and taxes.

Kids playing scientist
If you'd like a tour of the school please call (619-640-4000) or contact Carissa Bascos at [email protected].

Our Mission

At Joyner MicroSociety Magnet School we believe that children learn best by doing. Our mission is to create environments that motivate children to learn by engaging them in the connections between the classroom and the real world.

Fire safety

Guiding Principles

Advocacy & Leadership

People have a voice and choice as citizens and construct their own learning in order to have a positive impact in their community.


People learn best when engaged in purposeful work that is meaningful to them.


The entrepreneurial spirit inspires ingenuity, innovation and opportunities for future success.


People will grow through challenging economic, social and political experiences to value the balance between social justice and personal growth.


Mentors will create multiple opportunities for success in an integrated learning community.


Leaders are empowered through opportunities for leadership, decision-making and responsibility for every level of our society.

Community & Collaboration

It takes a village (parents, teachers and community members), to raise empowered leaders who make a positive difference.

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